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Description:   alert_interval is a set of experimental patches for libpcap and the snort IDS that add the ability to reopen logfiles at a specified time interval.

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PIDS - Power Intrusion Detection System PIDS is a program developed in PHP4, using the Snort IDS, PIDS gerenate reports in REAL-Time from attacks to hosts monitored with Snort. The interface of the PIDS is very easy and small, providing access to logs saved in MySQL database.

secwatch IDS Secwatch is an intrusion detection system using log analysis to detect service scan and other brute-force attempts on a server or other computer using system logs and will create temporary firewall rules to block offending IPs

Bro Intrusion Detection (IDS) Tools A set of tools, many written in C, to deal with BRO ( and its working environment.

IDS Probing IDS-probing Project is a testing project for IDS evasion.Using libnetdude API and other plugins to do IDS assessment.Sending different mutant exploits to check IDS's defensive ability.

Pyflag snort alert log driver plug-in This project is a plug in written in R and python language that makes a driver for Pyflag that allows forensic task for snort alert logs.

SNORT Adapter This project is intended to provide a means by which one can insert data other than packet data into the snort/ACID IDS system.We have scrapped the perl version - since some systems don't have perl - or don't have the ram, cpu or diskspace to ...

SLC Enterprise Console - Supports Snort ISP Toolz is providing the SLC Enterprise Security console for snort. Supports Cisco pix, snort and intruvert natively. Building additional support and API for additional device support. This is the open source version of our commercial software. This op

Snort-AI Objective of SnortAI project is create a family of Snort plug-ins based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies (i.e. Artificial Neural Networks or Fuzzy Logic) to detect different kinds of hostile traffic.

Snort Preprocessor and Detection Engine A preprocessor and a detection-plugin for Snort. The former calculates a set of features from network traffic, in the KDD (Knowledge Discovery Database) fashion; the latter adds the capability to understand rules extrapolated from features by means of mac

Snort to SurfnetIDS Plugin Snort to Surfnet IDS Connector developed for the CSN.OR.AT (Community Sense Net ) Project. This connector is used to report snort alerts directly to the surfnetids (ver. 3) database.

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